Soccer Ball

Go for goal or play kick-ups and keepy-uppy!

Grab a ball, throw it, juggle it and spin it for awesome night displays!

Play night soccer with the Nights Sports Soccer ball for the slickest, soccer ever!

Night Sports Soccer Ball features thermo-formed, interlocking patches. It’s easy to replace batteries!

American Football

The American Football is about fun as well as skill.

Grab a group of friends for a fast paced, all on, all new play experience. Kick, launch and power throw the ball further than your opponents Skillfully force them back into their end zone. Night Sports American Football is also great for target practice.

The Night Sports American Football features thermo-formed, interlocking patches. Batteries are easily replaceable.


Night basketball is just more fun!

Grab a group of friends or go one-on-one for an all-new play experience. Select your opponent and challenge them to a shoot out. First to net 10 shots takes the win. After you play Night Sports version of Basketball there’ll be no going back!

The Night Sports Basketball features thermo-formed, interlocking patches. It’s easy to replace batteries!


Night sports Frisbee can be flown anywhere, anytime by anybody.

Twin LEDs create dazzling effects. These 168g discs are the ultimate weight and shape for flying and can last for up to 30 hours on one set of batteries. 8 fiber optic channels light up the rim. Additionally, the disc is water resistant and floats in water.

Don’t forget your Night-Viz light-up headbands so you can see your partners at night!

Head Bands

The Night Sports Night-Viz light-up headbands allow you to see the other players location in the dark.

They come in assorted colours so you can identify different team members. Simply push the button to turn these off and on.

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