Mission and values ready to go

Delight (v): To bring a state of happiness.

ZURU is inspired by kids to create delight for kids, encouraging the power in play.

Life is about the journeys we make and finding the light within these. We encourage everyone at ZURU to delight in both the journey we make as a company as well as the success at the destination. This is the ZURU way of life.

Empower (v): It’s about providing the motivation and tools for success.

  • Empowering children to take their imagination and creative play to new dimensions. Strengthening their minds and sense of discovery.
  • Empowering individuals of the ZURU family to meet and exceed their potential.
  • Empowering our supply chain to function more efficiently through the reliability of our service and quality of product.
  • Empowering ZURU to become an inspirational worldwide leader in the field of toys.
  • Empowering confidence in all.

Innovation (n): Creation of better ideas and methods; thinking new in the here and now!

It’s our mentality. Think different. Think unique. Think ZURU.

Innovation pushes limits, pushes boundaries, pushes ideas. Throughout our branding, development, marketing, company structure and people; We are unparalleled.

Integrity (n): It’s about doing what’s right!

Wholly honest, good, and dependable. Wholly ZURU!