Launching from grassroots beginnings in Cambridge, New Zealand in 2004, ZURU has quickly become one of the fastest growing toy companies in the world. The company has flourished since its small beginnings in a garage, to now have 500 people focused on the ZURU brand across the globe and factories manufacturing only ZURU items employing over 7000 operators. ZURU brands are distributed and marketed in 121 countries worldwide and our products can be found in almost all major retailers. Driven by innovation and marketing, ZURU strives to create a standard of excellence in everything we do.

ZURU’s business is unique to any other toy company in the world.  Our headquarters are located in the fast-moving, innovative business hub that is, Hong Kong. This is the perfect location based on the vast pool of talent acquired from China's leading Universities, not to mention some of our major suppliers and retail partners. The remainder of ZURU's international supply chain is located in China’s manufacturing capital, Guangzhou, which allows us to maintain strict control over our entire manufacturing operation especially in the areas of, quality control and assurance, safety, customer service and efficiency.  We have additionally created hubs in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and have a large presence in the USA, UK and Australia. Our diverse teams at each of our locations work together seamlessly bound by the same company mission and values.  We take each of our brands from start to finish including creation, development, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and marketing, all the way to offering our customers assistance through in-store merchandising and effective point of sale tools.  

Although our company grows rapidly each year, ZURU's foundations and company culture as a family owned and operated company remains very much intact. We maintain close-knit relationships with our employees, inventors, suppliers, and customers.  It is important for us to serve and communicate with all as we would our own family members and to offer children around the world toys that we know would mesmerize our own children. With this, a popular ZURU motto is encapsulated across all areas of the business - Re-imagine Play, Everyday.  

We incorporate our ZURU ‘Dictionary of Values’ into our everyday work-lives and breath these principles as we move into the future, becoming one of the most innovative toy companies in the world.  We strive to INSPIRE those around us by providing the opportunities for individuals to be stimulated and encouraged to surpass their own expectations.  INNOVATION is entrenched in our organizations lifestyle and is also reflected in each of our unique brands.  Working with INTEGRITY is our focus and allows our customers, partners and employees to believe and trust in us. Lastly ZURU aims to ensure that all individuals associated with us will be DELIGHTED through our brands or the journeys they have experienced whilst part of the ZURU team.  We are ZURU, inspiring fun.